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Help your community Now!

Due to The Covid-19 Crisis, many local charities are under increasing pressure to serve the needs of the community. Regular people like you are making a difference in the Tralee area. This is a list of the contact numbers of some of the local charities if you would like to volunteer or if you need their service.


Message in a Bottle

Emergency Medical Information & Prescription Bottle

We are proud to announce that we are participating in the potentially life saving "Message in a bottle scheme".

How does it work?

Simple, if you or a loved one is on medication. We will provide a special bottle that has your prescription and vital medical information in it, such as allergies, blood type, doctor, next of kin etc. It will be stored in your fridge. The emergency services know about the scheme and will recognize the stickers and know that they can find the bottle in the fridge. You will also receive 3 stickers, one for your front and back door and one for your fridge door to indicate that you are participating in the scheme.

In the case of an emergency this vital information could potentially save the life of the participant. 

This is free of charge and to date we have issued nearly 700 bottles in the Tralee area alone. 

Please let us know if you would like a bottle.

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